2019 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Highlights Positive Peers

Ryan White Positive Peers

The 2019 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Highlights includes our work with Positive Peers, using social media to improve engagement, retention, and health outcomes for youth living with HIV.

From the report:

Dr. Avery and Ms. Smith agreed that the key to developing effective social media technologies like the app is to listen to the people who will be using it. “If you don’t build something that they’re going to use, it’s pointless, so you have to start where your patients are,” explained Ms. Smith. Another take-away from MetroHealth’s experience with the Positive Peers website and app is the importance of partnering with experts.

MetroHealth worked with Blackbird Digital to design the website and develop the mobile app for Positive Peers.

The full report is available online at hab.hrsa.gov.

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