October 25, 2012

Complete Central Backup WordPress Plugin

by blackbird


Update: 2.1.2 has been released. This version includes bug fixes and some minor cleanup.

Complete Central Backup allows for backups to be made on the fly. There are some backup plugins out right now but sometimes they just get too clunky and are hard to follow. We designed this plugin for the normal user with a clean and simple dashboard to mesh with WordPress 3.8.


  • Schedule weekly, monthly or daily backups of your database or entire WordPress install.
  • Enable or disable backup notifications when a scheduled backup is ran.
  • Ability to upgrade the plugin and or WordPress without losing any backup data.
  • Download your backups for safe keeping.
  • New component structure to support future features.
  • New Support form within the plugin for support without leaving your dashboard (not working)


With the 2.0.0 version there has been reports that the plugin will stall with a spinning wheel. Until this issue can be fixed we are provided known causes and solutions below.

Wheel spinning but nothing is happening.

We have found that if your server is using the PHP module fastCGI, it may be causing a 500 server error internally which causes the backup process to fail and the wheel continues to spin as if something is happening. Some servers may not honor the plugins request to for more memory and time to execute. Possible Solution:
Add the following code to your themes .htaccess file:

 IdleTimeout 3600
 ProcessLifeTime 7200
 MaxProcessCount 64
 DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 8
 IPCConnectTimeout 300
 IPCCommTimeout 7200
 BusyTimeout 300

When creating a backup, there is an error stating to fix server permissions and that a directory or file is not readable.

In order for the Complete Central Backup to create a backup of a file, it must be readable by Complete Central Backup. If the plugin finds that it can not read a file, the script will shutdown. This is a safety feature.  Some users have reported a similar error while using cPanel. If you are using cPanel and you are receiving an error about the the “logs” directory, please ensure you have the latest version of Complete Central Backup.

If you are using the latest version of Complete Central Backup and you are still receiving an error, please report it to justin@blackbirdi.com or post here in the comments. Download the latest version of Complete Central Backup