January 21, 2017

New Year Marketing Resolutions Worthy Of Your Commitment

by Rachel Trem

We are three weeks into the New Year, and by this time, just more than 30 percent of resolution makers are now resolution breakers. Give another week and that number increases to 40 percent.

Marketing Resolutions

These stats are exactly why we waited a bit before pressuring you to really commit to a New Year’s resolution. Get the general 2017 resolution out of the way — by either committing to or abandoning it for good, and then move on and realize that your marketing efforts is where you should really focus your resolving efforts for ’17.

To begin, let’s go over some marketing basics—why exactly we market.

Well, marketing serves three purposes:

1. Capture attention

Engage the audience. And then look them eye-to-eye and tell them why you should be, need to be, a part of their lives.

2. Connect

Offer something that is thought-provoking, that can change minds in a way that the targeted customer knows that you know how they feel.

3. Call to action

Now, ask them to do something—buy, act, check out – whatever you have, ask them to try it or talk about it.

This review in mind, take a moment to reflect and think about how many times you may have worked these angles the wrong way in the past year or two.

Let’s avoid doing that again, huh? Instead, let’s make ’17 your year. Below we offer you three resolutions to which you can commit. Keeping in mind why we market, try any or all of them. We can bet you’ll make some serious marketing gains—or at least learn something new about your brand and/or competitors.

Perform a brand audit

Sounds serious. Well while it’s not necessarily scary serious, it’s serious where it will provide you crucial information to move forward into your year and market. The insight you will gain will be about your entire industry, including where you and your competitors stand.

How do you conduct an audit? Think hard about and honestly answer each question.

  • Are people aware of us? If so, what are they aware of us for and is that what we want to be known for?
  • How is our market changing and evolving?
  • How are our competitors positioned?
  • What do our customers want and need?
  • What do our stakeholders regard as our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • What actionable steps can I take based on the information garnered from these questions? Where and by how much can I grow engagement and impact baselines?

Plan for small wins that have a BIG impact

Understand the value of these efforts. Essentially, all of them increase brand recall and awareness, which in turn will increase your conversion. Pick two and give them a valiant effort. Keep track of the results, learn what works and what doesn’t. See how consistent, honest efforts will translate to more conversions.

  • Increase visitors to your site. The “why” of this is pretty obvious. The “how”, well that’s a little tricker. Simply speaking, though: be active socially, network, blog, use your SEO properly, advertise — smartly.
  • Build local partnerships. This gives you the opportunity to learn others’ resources,  distribute your product and offer promotions directly.
  • Blog, preferably on your own site. Truly, this makes a difference. Did you know: Companies with a blog have 55 percent more site visits than companies without. Further, 92 percent of those who actively use their blog receive business from those content marketing efforts. Executing on this takes time and dedication, two things you likely can’t give your marketing right now.
  • Increase engagement. With good headlines, smart images and regularly planned and executed marketing activity, you will achieve growth, awareness in your space and higher conversion rates.

Run Regular Promotions

What’s great about this is that it can be anything for any reason and you can do this harmlessly—without crazy investment and with easy reward and followable metrics. Set an alert in your phone for the same day and time every one, two or three weeks; as soon as you hear it, stop what you’re doing, head to social media, jot out a promotion and then email it your web director to place on your homepage. Good promotion examples:

  • Contests
  • Referral promotions
  • Photo contests
  • Rewards for “likes”
  • Hashtag themes

Want more? Here’s a great resource for more marketing ideas.