January 13, 2017

Social Media Posts for Business: Tips to Help Build an Audience

by Rachel Trem

You’ve posted some great content in a great format that should engage your audience. So now, how can you increase your chances of getting your followers to click through to it? That’s ultimately the point, right?

Social Media Posts for Business

The more active engagement you can get, the more you organically grow your campaign and the better use you make of your inbound content marketing strategy. So, keep the following important guidelines in mind when posting anything to your social media pages.

1. Shorter is Sweeter

Keep posts succinct There are billions of profiles on social media, all fighting for your attention. Here are a few facts about how the length of a post affects its efficacy:

  • Link titles with more than 100 characters are cut off on Facebook Business Pages.
  • 40-character Facebook posts receive 86% more engagement over others.
  • 80-character Facebook posts receive 66% more engagement over others.
  • Facebook posts asking questions between 100 to 119 characters are most engaged.

2. Share the Good Stuff

Ask yourself if each post offers quality content that tells your followers something they don’t already know. Most platforms are designed to post on relevance, not timeliness. So, what you show and share needs to offer something great, quickly.

3. Be Visual

Use images! The numbers vary, but particularly Facebook posts with images get anywhere between 53-87% more clicks.

4. Get into the Groove

Post consistently and at non-peak times. Manage your social media presence, so that you can get the most from your efforts and can measure the ROI.

5. Extra, Extra

Don’t ever forget about the value of a good headline. These are crucial.

6. Be Relevant

Pay attention to and leveraging newsworthy topics. Be an ongoing source of pertinent information in your field.

7. Give

Show charity, community, inspiration and a sense of gratitude. They are all unarguable forces.