June 24, 2016

Blackbird Launches a New and Improved Website for Laketran

Laketran Helps Over 10,000 Lake County Residents to CAVS Championship Parade

Sunday Evening

The Cleveland Cavaliers take the NBA title in dramatic fashion, beating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 and breaking the 52-year Cleveland sports championship curse. We thought the day would never come!

Monday Morning

Blackbird launches a new Laketran.com, a more customer-focused website featuring real-time rider tools. The new site couldn’t have come at a better time – there’s a parade to be planned to welcome our champs back home, and Cleveland wants to celebrate. Droves of fans await the team’s arrival at the IX Center/Cleveland Hopkins Airport. If this crowd is any indication of what to expect for the official celebration, Downtown Cleveland is going to see crowds like never before.

Tuesday Afternoon

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson declares Wednesday as a local holiday.
Parade details are officially released – it’s all going down the next day, Wednesday June 22 at 11:00 AM. Crowd estimates grow as the day goes on from 700,000 to 1 million fans expected. It’s going to be an interesting commute!

Laketran posts a press release offering special commuter service to downtown Cleveland from Lake County Park-n-Ride locations. The cost is just $5, round trip.

Laketran daily traffic hits over 12,000 visits. Rider Alerts SMS subscriptions soar.

Families line-up at Park-n-Rides.

Wednesday Morning

10,000+ Lake County residents line-up at Laketran Park-n-Ride locations to take the trip to the parade. Lines are long, but move fast.

Wednesday Afternoon

It’s a warm, beautiful day in Cleveland. Parade-goers start to arrive at Park-n-Rides at 3 AM to get Downtown and a good spot to view the parade.

Laketran lines are long, but move quickly, and Lake County is well represented.

Way to go, Cleveland!

It’s estimated 1.3 million fans took to the streets, parking garages, building tops and light posts to celebrate our long awaited victory.


As things return back to normal, Laketran receives an outpouring of well-deserved praise from the riders they serve.

“Thank you Laketran and to all your hard working drivers. It made our day feel safe and stress free! Hope your drivers got some rest!”

Blackbird is proud of our long-standing parntership with Laketran. In addition to website design/development, Blackbird has provided Laketran with award-winning marketing campaigns, way finding materials, radio spots and more.

We are even more proud of the small part that we were able to provide this week, in helping Laketran riders find their way to a historic celebration.