5 Page Title Tag Optimization Tips for Better Search Results

Page titles are an important element to consider when optimizing your site for search engines. Page title tags are meant to be a concise description of what your page content holds. Perhaps even more importantly, the page title is what shows as the result of a search in search engines.

Your site’s page titles are just one key element to optimization, but it’s a very important one at that. Here’s 5 tips to we recommend to better optimize your site page title tags for more favorable search engine performance.

1. 55 Characters or Less

By keeping your page titles to 55 characters or less, you have a better chance of your titles displaying properly and completely in search results. Google gives you 512 pixel width to display your title, which amounts to somewhere between 55-60 characters.

2. Use Key Phrases

The foundation for and good SEO plan, key phrases are simply phrases that contain a keywords. Matching key phrases to what your audience is searching for and more specifically typing in when they have a question….

3. Put Key Words and Phrases at the Beginning

While still being descriptive, try and put your keywords and phrases at the beginning of your title. This is what is read first by search engines and the first word one will see when reading your search result.

4. Where and When to Use Your Business Name?

Just like keywords should be first, keep your branded words or company name at the end. It does not need to be on every page. We like to put our company name on our home page of our site, but use it little if not at all on other pages. You pick up a bunch of characters to work with as well, allowing you to create better page titles.

5. Write Unique Titles for Each Site Pages

Each of your page’s title tags should be unique, and focus around the core theme of the page’s content. It’s a good ideal, for example, to have separate pages for each of your services so that your page titles (and descriptions for that matter) are focused around a specific topic.

By adhering to these 5 fundamental concepts, you should be off to a great start in improving your site’s search engine visibility. If you are a WordPress user, SEO Yoast is a great plugin that allows you to manage meta data, including page tiles and descriptions. Continue to monitor and measure performance, and don’t be afraid to tweak.

Want to check your pages to see how well they’re optimized? Here’s a number of tools we recommend to help you optimize your site for search engines.

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