Helping young adults live a positive life with HIV.

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Positive Peers is a private social media app for young adults, ages 13 to 34, who are living with HIV. Register for the app or read our blog for info about sex, dating, life hacks, and LGBTQ topics when living with HIV.

Project notes.

Since 2015, Blackbird has worked with the MetroHealth team to develop the Positive Peers project. Positive Peers is a mobile app, website, support group, and public-health initiative designed from the ground up to encourage young people who have HIV to stay on their medication and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

The project’s centerpiece is the Positive Peers mobile app. The app reminds patients to take their meds every day, provides a private forum for peer support, and facilitates communication with staff when they have questions or concerns about HIV. MetroHealth is one of 10 healthcare providers in the United States that was awarded a federal grant in 2015 to do a pilot project proving the potential of mobile and social media technologies to address the spread of HIV in at-risk communities.

The project has been a testament to the potential for small, local groups to do big things that could have national or even global impact. And, it demonstrates how familiar digital marketing tools can be deployed to serve the public good.

What we did for Positive Peers:

Mobile App Design & Development

Website Design & Development


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