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A website for engaging and supporting a diverse and ambitious group of entrepreneurs.

Our multi-award-winning showcase of feature films for the worldwide theatrical market.

Establishing a new digital standard for a classic brand and its global subsidiaries.

Updated City of Willoughby logo - designs by Jack Watson and Pat Walsh of Blackbird digital.

Case study coming soon.

City of Willoughby​

An updated brand identity and website connecting citizens to their local government.​

Helping an award winning transit authority mobilize residents of Lake County, Ohio.



Determine goals, gather materials, identify KPIs, and explore solutions.

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Design a user-centered solution – from information architecture to UI.

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Develop design system and features. Create and input content. Test.



Provide documentation, training and support for maintaining your website.



Learn and improve, not launch and forget. The best digital products are made better over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Blackbird offers Managed WordPress website hosting with Flywheel, a best-in-class WordPress hosting provider.

Summary of Managed WordPress Hosting features:

  • Automatic WordPress site hardening, making it impossible for attackers to affect core files
  • Server infrastructure maintained and updated according to WordPress best practices and recommendations
  • A WordPress-focused firewall to prevent malware before it reaches your site
  • Free, automatically renewed SSL certificates
  • Site caching and a CDN (content delivery network) that makes your site even faster by serving the website content from servers physically closer to users accessing the site
  • Daily backups
  • Free email deliverability service for the site (password resets, etc that don’t go to spam)
  • An optional staging site that allows you to work on site updates in bulk before going live
  • Incredibly responsive support technicians (seriously they’re amazing)

Yes, Blackbird offers the following post-launch services.

WordPress Maintenance: Keep your website investment safe and secure. Our WordPress Maintenance Program Includes:

  • Uptime Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring to make sure your site is always available for your customers.
  • Network Security: Our WordPress professionals will monitoring your website to keep any nasty intruders out.
  • Site Backup: Secure daily backups so your site can be restored quickly, just in case anything goes wrong.
  • System Core Updates: Peace of mind that your website software is always up to date. Stay ahead of bugs and security issues while, and get the latest features and functionality.
  • Weekly Plugin Updates: Using out of date plugins invites trouble. We’ll organize, update your plugin library, remove those that aren’t in use.
  • Database Optimization: Monthly cleaning of your website to keep it running smooth.
  • Reporting: Monthly reporting so you can rest assured it’s under control.

Support Ticketing: Blackbird has a Support Ticketing System available to our clients so that they may report any issues that may arise with their website, including

  • Bugs Reporting
  • Request a feature or update
  • Need an Website Edit

Tickets are received and assigned a number. The requestor will receive a confirmation email while we assessed, prioritized, and routed to the appropriate Blackbird Team Member.

Support tickets are taken during regular business hours, and prioritized based on order received. Support is billed at our hourly rate.

Priority support options are available, and may be packaged depending your specific requirements

Website Continuous Improvement: Your website launch is just the beginning of its journey. What makes a website go from good to Best-in-class?

Best-in-class website aren’t often created in one round, but rather the result of continuous improvement efforts over time. They have a roadmap. They are informed by user data to develop hypotheses aimed at improving user experience, and reaching business objectives.

Continuous improvement cycles are iterative, results-focused, and data-driven. These projects typically range between 120 – 200 hours, but can vary in scope

We want your products to be accessible to all of your vis ADA accessibility is always considered in the creation of the products with makes.

We love blending accessibility and aesthetics to create websites that everyone likes using. If you’re looking for industry-leading experts on accessible website design, we’d like to think we’re leading the charge.

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